The Hidden & Useless Tag Mac Netscape 2.0+
<HYPE> is a secret tag that is even more useless than <BLINK>. Do you know where the sound came from?
Go Visit Socks the Cat Netscape 0.9 - 3.0 (2.0 windows)
By typing Control-Alt-w (Control-Option-w for Mac) you can be at the front door of the Whitehorse in an instant.
Rush over to the FishCam All Versions of Netscape!
Type Control-Alt-f (Control-Option-f for Mac) and you will be on your way to check out the world famous FishCam. Several other key combos will take you to it, too.
The Ultimate Animation Unix Netscape 1.1 and 2.0
Go to JWZ's page and see!
The Book of Mozilla, 12:10 Netscape 1.1+ (X) 2.0+ (WIN/Mac)
about:mozilla is our only known historical reference to blink!
Flaming Mozilla Animation X Netscape 1.1+
Visit about:mozilla then keep surfing. Check the animation!
International Mozilla International Netscape Versions
Open the url about:language. For example about:français will show Mozilla at a French café. Japanese, use "nihongo".
Netscape Loves Themselves Netscape 3.0+
If you click on the Netscape logo in about: it takes you to Wow, look at those cute Netscape Now! Logos from ancient times.
Hi Mom! Netscape 4.0?
Shows up when loading... you better have a slow machine, though!
2.0 is 3.0 Netsacpe 2.0 for OS/2
If you add -3 to the arguments when you start Netscape 2.02, it will go out and say that it is 3.0. 2.02 realy has the backend of 3.0 in it, this feature is only to let you access netscape 3.0 sites.
Display NPL version Mozilla
about:flamer will show the NPL version
Force ftp download is ASCII or binary Netscape 4.0 Mozilla
Append ;a to the ftp url to download as ascii, and ;i to the url to force binary.

1 From the old Mosaic Demo Document.