CMPE 123 with the corresponding lab class is a senior design project
class and serves as the culmination of the computer engineering or
computer science undergraduate program.  This class consisted of a
student proposed and developed project that needed to consist of a
microprocessor or a micro controller as the core.  Each student
worked either alone or in a team consisting of at most 2 people.
The goal of this class was not so much to complete a working design,
which could be very challenging in 10 weeks, but to exhibit signs of
growth in engineering professionalism. Students were expected to
explore new topics in embedded design, learn the Verilog HDL
language, learn the basics of CPLD design and implementation and put
to use their skills in C and assembly language programming.

Michael Fahmie worked on the sensor system design and control system
portion of a 5-person team building a Mars rover system.  Michaels
portion of the project consisted of building onto a 4 wheeled
vehicle sensors for enabling motion and tracking and control
software for driving the rover vehicle around an environment.
Michael designed and built in conjunction with the other group
members an IR sensor system for detecting objects in front of the
rover.  They had a very innovative tower built onto the rover that
would sweep back and forth in an arc in front of the rover scanning
for obstacles.  The IR sensors were also swept up and down with a
separate motor to build a topography of the terrain.  Michael also
added to the system sonar sensors that would also be used for
mapping the terrain.    The sensors were successfully integrated
with other team members portion of the project; the rover vehicle
and RF transmitters and receivers for sending data to and from a
base station.  The project was a great success, each sub team doing
a great job on finishing and integrating their portions of the
design into a complete and functioning form.  Michael showed very
good lab skills, design sense, and hard work in this very difficult
lab and class combination.  Overall Michael was an excellent student
and was a pleasure to have in class.  Michael received high honors
in this very difficult class.

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