Super Mario
3x3 Post-it® on glass
4 floors x 1 window
E2 Building UCSC
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About the piece

Super Mario Bros. (Miyamoto, et. al.,1986) was an inspiration to many of todays computer engineers. In celebration of Engineering Week, this large format work was created as an homage to the inspirational works of these and other great computer engineers and scientists. Currently 3/4 of this work is still visible at the E2 building at UCSC, it is scheduled to be removed Friday night.

So we figured if we put this up the day before the week formally known as National Engineers Week they'd see it as part of the grand festivities (normally consisting of tables) and not take it down. Maybe I'll have more to write about it tomorrow when it is either taken down or not.

Well we didn't count on one thing, bean counters are not engineers. So even under the protective banner of engineering week, the most holy of weeks in the engineering calender, the econ department ripped down every post-it® note on their floor.

Rest in peace Mario...

Thus ends engineering week. The school (most of it) was nice enough to leave the post-ts up, so I figured we'd take em down. Well and since the econ department liked to take them down so much, I figured we'd add in something special for them too.


FHM'd July 2005 issue

Total Number of Post-its®


Total People


Total Time

1.5 hours


Black Post-its® really do exist! I so didn't believe the person that told the person (who is not me) about them when said person was planning this.

OfficeMax stickynotes are cheaper but they don't stick! Buy Post-it® brand stickynotes for a good stick everytime!
(please give us money 3M, this was expensive!)


That guy on the third floor totally died

Second floor's kung-fu is strong






Okay so we missed the last bus

Interior Views


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