CUBELOR: stereogram generator
Current Status: COMPLETED

I stored all the stereograms I made on geocities, and they decided to close it down because "I was only using the site to store files" go figure! Anyway I'll have to make some new ones... I guess, pictures coming soon(ish).

I wrote the stereogram generator in C using openGL and Xforms. It was for my cs160 final project. here is the readme for the program, but I have to give you some warning about it. I had been up all night fixing the program and rendering images for my final presentation, at about 10 am someone told me we needed a write up as well. While writing this paper I fell asleep for about two hours, mid sentance, then picked up where I left off. I have never to this day proof read it, so enjoy =)

zipfile contains makefile, readme and all source files