Prose Selection

I've included two fiction pieces and one memoir as examples of my prose writing. Most all of my fiction work is humorous and is written to be read aloud. I often write in different idioms because it makes it more fun to perform.


Click on the Sonoma County Independent cover at the right to read my memoir about what happened when Alfred Hitchcock came to film The Birds in our small community some many years ago. It is the cover story called Wing and a Prayer, a truncated version of a story of mine called Dirty Copper


This short story first appeared in The Mandala. Click on the title above, Norman Rockwell's Plumber, to read and then decide for yourself whether Tony the plumber was bullshitting his brother-in-law or not.

What if you innocently requested a copy of your birth certificate but received instead a copy of your death certificate? Click on the the title above, Certificate, to read my short story about bureaucracy gone awry.