This is an update to S3FS ( FuseOverAmazon ) to support: * Directories (In the S3 sense, at least. S3FS creates dummy files to emulate structure) * Zero Length Files (Show up as being zero length as opposed to being 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) * Access Keys passed via environment variables (Per AWS tools. AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY & AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID) It is forked from R193, and available as a tarball containing the c source code, x86_64 linux executable, as well as a diff against R193. All code was programmed by Charles Shiflett, sponsored by Aspera, and is available under the same GPL as the original code. [ Download S3FS Fork-- updated 2010/12/12 ] 1673dcd18695b485df959f1cc62580c2b1863e6cfd16ba073d1b6fe6800899c1 s3fs.tar.gz
charles shiflett