Pipe Organ Demonstrations (6)


An organization dedicated to pipe organ demonstrations should of course have its own a demonstration organ. Well, now it has arrived. This playable, 14-note miniature organ contains all the components necessary to illustrate how pipe organs work. In addition to this single rank organ, we also have a small slider chest which can be taken apart to show the various components such as the grid, table, pallet box and rackboard. The instrument was made by Tetsuo Kusakari in Kobuchizawa, Japan. Wind pressure: 40mm provided by two 400g lead weights. Pallets are pushed down by the keys. Bottom right corner picture shows windchest with faceplate removed. The keyboard has a short octave arrangement and is tuned at 1’ pitch, one fifth above normal tuning (C major is really G major). Materials are mainly Japanese oak.


Demonstration Organ